The story behind

We (Katrin and Naomi) had the same idea for years, without knowing each other. We met during our studies and had the same mindset, until then we have only been friends. Our ambition as well as our motivation connected us from the beginning. 

During a Christmas brunch we came up with the idea to build up a start-up. But what idea should we make to a serious business model? At the same moment, we both opened up about our idea to digitise receipts. We didn’t even know about the upcoming law in Germany which says that each receipt has to be printed whether the customer wants it or not. We didn’t even expect to make a living out of our start-up. The only things we wished for were fun and key learnings. 
One year we only presented our idea in front of the public. We came across Simon with his IT knowledge and from that moment on we were able to realise our idea all together. Simon already had the same idea before and worked on it with another start-up.

The German law of course emphasised our solution and everything went faster as expected.


Our team

Image Katrin

Business Development, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Finanzen & Förderung, Marketing und Visualisierung

Katrin Lech
Image Naomi

Business Development, Marketing & Vertrieb, Research, Pressearbeit und Projektplanung

Naomi Jaguttis
Image Simon

Web, App, Gags & sonstige IT

Simon Mändle

Our offices

Stuttgart Downtown


Lautenschlagerstr. 16

70173 Stuttgart

Stuttgart East


Teckstraße 62

70190 Stuttgart


Postal address

Altvaterstraße 3

71032 Böblingen

More about bill.less

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bill.less on Instagram
bill.less on Instagram
bill.less on Instagram
bill.less on Instagram
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