bill.less Display

Digital receipts
for your cash pointNo more waste due to printed receipts,
still legally compliant

Your benefits

Time saving

There's no more need to print the receipts, to exchange the receipt paper or to fix the printer.

Paperless payment process

The QR code replaces the receipt printing. Senseless receipts can be saved.

Privacy protection

We neither analyse your customers' behaviour nor do we pass data through to third. All receipt data is stored safely on German servers.

Legally compliant

Our solution was developed in cooperation with the German authority. To transfer our solution to a foreign country, please contact us for the individual legislative. We consult you with finding the correct and legally compliant solution.

How it works

  • bill.less Prozess
    Instead of sending the data to a printer receipts are sent to our API
  • QR-Code
    We're generating a QR code to show on a customer faced display
  • Your customer scans the QR code with any QR scanner of the smartphone
bill.less App HomeCustomers without an app can download and share a PDF file
bill.less App OptionsWith the bill.less app receipts can be received directly
bill.less App ListYou can also enable your customers to receive their receipts within your app.

Stay tuned

Implementing bill.less

  • check icon
    For a seamless implementation, we need to talk to your POS software provider.
  • chat icon
    Connect us with your POS software provider.
  • plug icon
    We'll clarify all implementation details for you.
  • api icon
    After implementation your POS is ready to display bill.less receipts.


What am I supposed to do to implement bill.less?

Therefore we need to contact your cash point provider. It would be nice if you can organise that we can contact him directly. From that point, we do the rest. The implementation is done through our bill.less interface.

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